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TEN has been ranked as one of the top think tank networks in the world since 2018, according to the Global Go To Think Tank Index Reports.


Public engagement in developing key strategic public administration reform (PAR) documents

Consultation is structured public engagement, which involves seeking, receiving, analysing, and responding to feedback from stakeholders, by defining the purpose and subject of the consultation whether it is a policy initiative, regulatory change, or legislative proposal. The use of public consultation has different implications for the improvement of the regulatory framework. If undertaken in a […]

Proactive transparency and the right of access to information: A conversation starter between the government and the people

Proactive transparency and free access to information characterize democratic societies, introducing the order of a country to ensure transparency of the work of its administrative structures. These structures need to provide a basis for initiating communication between institutions and citizens. Communication rests on reactive transparency of the administration and its pursuit of the Freedom of […]

North Macedonia PAR Monitor 2021/2022

The North Macedonia PAR Monitor 2021/2022 is the result of monitoring work performed in 2021/2022 by the European Policy Institute – EPI, and it represents a report of key findings from across the Western Balkans in the six areas of PAR defined by the Principles of Public Administration (SIGMA principles). As the third systematic PAR monitoring […]