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South East Europe 2020: Civil Society and State Administration on the Same Mission

States do not own a monopoly over information, therefore the role of civil society in the monitoring of public policies and achievement of strategic goals becomes even more important. Almost as a rule, transition countries lack official statistical data. Moreover, available data are usually incomplete; which makes evidence based policy making even more difficult, and […]

The Western Balkans and Its EU Integration: 2015 Comparative Overview

A comprehensive analysis of the EC’s country reports has been lacking on the regional level. There have been efforts by CSOs at country level to provide a systematic input to the annual country reports and to the strategy through the so-called “shadow reports”, primarily intended to provide objective assessment of the accession process by the […]

Performance Audit and Policy Evaluation in the Western Balkans: On the Same or Parallel Tracks?

From a conceptual perspective, performance audit and policy evaluation are very close fields, with highly converging goals, methods and tools. At the same time, in the Western Balkans these two fields have been evolving without connection and reference to each other. How can the two processes be brought closer together in the three studied WB […]

Improving Performance of Public Administration: Current Experiences and Future Perspectives (Conference Proceedings)

It is our great pleasure to share with you 10 papers presented at the Conference Improving Performance of Public Administration:Current Experiences and Future Perspectives, which was held on 09-10 September 2015 in Belgrade. The papers in this publication follow the order of their presentation in the three working groups organised on the second day of the Conference: 1) Does […]