Human Resources for EU Membership: What Policies in the Western Balkans?

This paper examines some directions, policies and practices in human capacity development for EU accession in the Western Balkan and CEE countries and aims to induce a more vivid regional level debate on the best approaches to recruiting, forming and retaining professional staff needed for achieving and upholding EU membership.

It has been developed mainly using archive research, with strong emphasis on the analysis of available primary documents.

The first findings of the research were presented at the regional conference “Building Human Capacities for EU Accession in the EE Countries” held on 13-16 October 2014 in Cavtat, Croatia and the discussions and feedback received at the conference were also included in the final version of the paper.

Background paper is available for download here.

Background paper is produced within the GIZ Open Regional Funds for South East Europe – Promotion of EU Integration.