FINISHED: Network 23

The project lasted for 15 months and its implementation in Macedonia started in May 2014. The leading partner was European Policy Institute (in cooperation with the Helsinki Committee Macedonia and the Center for Change Management), while European Policy Centre and Institute Alternativa from Podgorica were associates and provided exchange of regional best practices.

The main objectives of the project were: creating structured coordination between CSOs in Macedonia regarding the implementation of the areas covered by Chapter 23 of the Acquis – Judiciary and Fundamental rights; increasing the capacity of CSO to act as watch-dog organisations in the process of monitoring and evaluation of Chapter 23 on national and local level, through a concrete transfer of know-how; enabling a mechanism for CSOs to influence the policy making process through coordinated input on the network; and finally by raising awareness on the implications of Chapter 23 on the overall progress of the EU accession.

Within Network 23, an Analysis on Chapter 23 – Judiciary and Fundamental Rights was prepared, as well as a Brochure “Why Chapter 23 is the key to EU accession?”

The project was funded by the European Union through the IPA Civil Society Facility Programme 2013. The project was also financially supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.