Information Sessions: WeBER 2.0 Small Grant Facility

WeBER 2.0 – Western Balkan Civil Society Empowerment for a Reformed Public Administration is seeking project proposals for the implementation of the Local Civil Society PAR Enabling Small Grant Facility (SGF) for support to civil society monitoring of public administration reform at the local level. Find more information here.

Please find below information about the info sessions that will be held for interested applicants.

Please announce your participation at the info session by contacting the country representative as indicated in the table below.


Organiser of the info session




Serbia European Policy Centre – CEP 24 September 2020 11.00 Jovana Knezevic
Albania Institute for Democracy and Mediation – IDM 25 September 2020 11.00 Iliada Korcari
Kosovo Group for Legal and Political Studies – GLPS 24 September 2020 10.00 Ema Pula 
Montenegro Institute Alternative – IA 24 September 2020 11.00 Dragana Jacimovic
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foreign Policy Initiative BH – FPI BH 25 September 2020 11.00 Mahir Sijamija
North Macedonia European Policy Institute – EPI 28 September 2020 12.30 Vaska Ristovska